Welcome to the Shorten the Code competition page ! Since you made it here we hope you are ready to go completely outside the box and change the code at the bottom of the page to the shortest code you can imagine ! The 3 shortest answers will win a prize !

Contest information:

  • Start :  Monday 24/06/2024 as soon as the conference starts ! 
  • End : Wednesday 26/06/2024 at 18:00 CEST
  • How to compete :  Shorten the code below as much as you can and email your shortened version to Bepug@bepug.be. Include your PowerShell version, full name and phone number so we can reach you if you can't attend the prize ceremony. Good luck! 🎉
  • Prize ceremony : Thursday 27/06/2024 at 13:00 CEST


  • PowerShell V5 or up should be used
  • Any form of shortening the code is allowed RegEx , Aliasses and so on. 
  • Rewriting the code is allowed as long as the output stays in the format of Joke setup , 3 seconds wait and the punchline to finish. The joke is still required to be a random programmer joke. 
  • Adjusting the API endpoint is allowed
  • Trickery with DNS is not allowed (Yes using a url shortener is cheating)
  • Top 3 shortest codes win the contest
  • If equal length occurs we will release the Get-Random to pick our winner !

Good luck and have fun!